How to Recover Lost Data on a Mac

You have a crucial report due in the morning, and your beloved Mac just crashed, and that critical report now seems to be completely inaccessible. There is no time for a rewrite, it took hours, is there any way to just recover the data?

Although you may be in full on panic mode at first, do not despair. In a just a few simple steps, it is possible to recover this important data.

To begin with, one must try to figure out why the machine crashed in the first place. This may have been due to one of a number of reasons, perhaps a bad hard disk, a burnt out RAM card, or perhaps corrupt or damaged software.

If your Mac seems to have crashed due to a hardware fault other than the hard disk, the solution is pretty simple. Remove the hard disk from the malfunctioning Mac and connect it to another functioning Mac as an external disc and recover your data in that manner. The simplest thing to do.

If your machine has fallen victim to hard disk failure, the situation will not be so easy to remedy. One could try detaching the bad hard disk, and replacing it with a good one to start up the Mac as usual. By connecting the faulty hard disk to external drive you can try to copy the data using a data imaging software.

Even when your marvelous Mac is functioning at its best, you may simply accidentally delete an important file or two from your computer. In this situation, in order to successfully restore this missing data or fixing corrupted files you may need to use good data recovery software. There are many effective commercial applications on the market to help you do this.

Of course, you can try to get help from Apple techs or a professional data recovery expert to, but data recovery software is usually the more economical option.

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